Process for our animated film

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What are we working on – and how far are we

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Core messaging

01/ Creative Meeting
and sparring online:
1 to 3 key persons are appointed from ICLEI who can provide Swann Pro Motion with the most relevant in puts up in the initial fase of the project and give ongoing feedback at the required stages throughout the project.

Primary project manager from ICLEI is appointed

Prior to this first online meeting ICLEI will provide the script. If needed Swann Pro Motion will give feedback and offer suggestions for possible script improvements.

– ICLEI will prior to the meeting also deliver visual requirements and wishes for the animated video.

02/ Proof and treatment

03/  After final approval the script is locked



01/ Planning the production
Story map and workflow

02/ Planning graphics and illustrations

03/ Planning film shoot
Should ICLEI choose to go with a blended film.

04/ Proof
Story map, graphics etc.

05/ After final approval
The story map, graphics and illustrations are locked

06/ Recording native English speak Should ICLEI choose to go with Swann Pro Motions speaker.

07/ Invoice
Swann Pro Motion sends invoice for 25% of the agreed budget


Editing og final production

01 / Editing
Animation, effects, sound editing and color grading. 

02 / Review and feedback from ICLEIs project manager

03 / Adjustment, rendering and export BETA version

04 / Final approval from ICLEIs project manager

05 / Final adjustment and delivery of final film

06 / Final invoice
Swann Pro Motion sends an invoice for the remaining 75% of the agreed total budget

07 / Concluding on-line meeting

Estimated time budget




1) Animated video
Animtated info graphics
€ 3.350 ex WAT – Starting price for the first 60 seconds of the finished film
€ 1.650 ex WAT – For each additional 30 seconds

2) Animated video
Handmade and animated info graphics where we go into greater detail with the storytelling.
€ 4.700 ex WAT – For the first 60 seconds of the finished film
€ 2.250 ex WAT – For each additional 30 seconds

3) Blended film
Animated info graphics which mixes real footage of people in real environments. We are currently experiencing a growing request for this type of film where the sense of realism engages the viewer more directly. Not least on an emotional level.

€ 6.500 ex WAT – For the first 60 seconds of the finished film
€ 3.250 ex WAT – For each additional 30 seconds

Please note that the prices above:
– Are licence for non-paid marketing (ICLEIs own social media platforms and web) = Our standard charge is +15%.
Which we will however not charge in this case seeing we reagard it as an investment in a new partnership.

– Are licence for paid marketing (online campaigns, TV commercials, etc) please contact us. 

– Are only for edits with native English speak. In case edits with additional 11 languages is needed please contact us for a qoute.

4) Native English Speak

Studio, speaker, sound mix plus free use on the internet for 2 years*
€ 770

* Please note that the given quote for native speak is in accordance with the current standard rights for speakers in Denmark.
– ICLEI is responsible for clearance for use of speak in the rest of EU.
– If ICLEI at any point wishes to prolong the periode of time for use of speak please do contact Swann Pro Motion for guidelines. We are more than happy to go through with ICLEI.



Please note that the level of ambition for the project has to be in correlation with the time invested and prioritized in the workflow. The proces of developing an animated video can be expensive and time-consuming, which is why we always take the role as project managers with focus on the planning, to ensure the best use of our mutual time and resources.

By ensuring a strict plan for delivery and proof of relevant content we can dedicate our time, focus and energy on the filmmaking in the best way possible.

The length of the video will be planned to approximately 1- 2 minutes as stated in ICLEIs inquiry.

Animated or blended film? Note that we have suggested three different solutions. If needed we will be more than happy to help ICLEI decide which type of video will be best suited for the COACH project.

Animations, graphics and film can be combined and used in an infinite amount of ways. So choosing the right tone and style which matches, unfolds and bring ICLEIs script into fruition in the best way possible is of course crucial; but as inspiration see our two suggestions for possible directions for the visual communication from previous projects below.

Your videopartner – Regardless of which type of video ICLEI ends up choosing, Swann Pro Motion will secure that the video is be produced accordingly to:

1) The specifications from ICLEI’s letter of inquiry May 27th 2022

2) The visual identity as stated in the Annex (from the letter of inquiry May 27th 2022)

3) Following the script supplied by ICLEI

Collaboration is key – Please note that we are also more than open to sparring with ICLEI on the script and will regard the video production as a collaboration with ICLEI from storyboard to proof of the final edit. In the role of project manager Swann Pro Motion will also set up the steps for on-going proof in the individual stages thereby guaranteeing that our take on visual storytelling is used to the fullest in translating ICLEIs script into a concise and compelling visual story. Thereby communicating the outcomes of the ‘Farm-to-Fork procurements’ in the best possible way to the relevant stakeholders.

Note that Swann Pro Motion on this project will team up with our co-partner Kim Bo from Molskontoret in creating the animated video for ICLEI.

We hope the quote above and break down of the work process is to your satisfaction. You are of course more than welcome to contact us in case you have any questions.

Head of project
Barnaby Stig Swann Pedersen
Swann Pro Motion
+ 45 22 27 64 67


Animation & graphics
Kim Bo Christensen
+ 45 22 94 84 26

KimBO Chtristensen

Ring: 22 94 84 26

Mail: kimbo@molskontoret.dk