WEEE / Film project

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What are we working on – and how far are we

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Core messaging

01/ Creative Meeting: 1-3 key persons are appointed who can provide us the most relevant inputs. (Interview and excisting matereials, like PowerPoints, web, documents, etc.)

02/ We also receive the visual requirements and wishes you have for our film project

03/ Creative Work and Script

Oct. 20th: Today we are working on the script – the draft is ready and I’ll review it with an Englishman before I send the final presentation to you.

04/ Proof and treatment

05/ After approval of the film script, it’s locked – and we will produce the film based on a common plan



01/ Planning the production and workflow

02/ Film shooting: Næstved 1/4 2022 (Addition filming is shoot in our studio)  DONE!

03/ Graphics and illustrations DONE!

04/ Voice over and audio (1 day) DONE!


Editing og final production

Status (21/04-2022) Today we have finished the last animations, and tomorrow we’ll ad the final details

01/ Editing, animations, effects, color grading, etc – (3-4 days)

02/ Production and rendering – (1-2 days)

03/ We expect to deliver final BETA version for approval – (moved to 22/4 2022)

04/ Proof and Corrections

05/ We deliver your new film
– ready to use

06/ Final invoicing

07/ Status 🙂

Estimated time budget




On this page you can follow the intire process and see how far we are with your project.

The level of ambition for the project has a direct influence on the time we spend and prioritize the workflow. Filmproduction can be an expensive and timeconsuming proces, and that’s why we focus on the planning, to make the best use of our time and resources.

When everyone collaborates and prioriteires the project, delivering relevant content and prepare time-efficient meetings, we can dedicate our time optimally to the filmmaking.

SCOPE/ 90-120 seconds of film is produced in a mix of footage and animated graphics (The film is delivered ready for use in HD MP4 format). In co-production with this we’ll make a short film with a interview and film-clips for basic material for LinkedIN posts, etc.

The film is produced according to the corporate design of Ragn-Sells

A total of 77 hours have been budgeted. 

Costs of voice-over, audio-licenses, and extra pictures and films are invoiced 1:1

Time spent in addition to the project is invoiced at 650 kroner per hour. We’ll always inform about this in advance. 


Any questions? Please feel free to contact us

KimBO Chtristensen

Ring: 22 94 84 26

Mail: kimbo@molskontoret.dk